The Basics Of The Field Sobriety Test

Drinking and driving can be a horrible idea. After a DUI arrest, you've only 10 days in the date of the arrest to request a Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) hearing using the office of administrative hearings and pay $125 to the Maryland State Treasurer. You should never drink and drive. However, one other form of testing for intoxication will be the field sobriety test, and it's not so obvious what is involved in that.

A second conviction results in a minimum of 30 days of jail time along with a two year driving suspension. Then he's planning to ask you to step out of the car. So no cell phones. Unlike a PBT, a Field Sobriety Test result's admissible at trial to prove impairment. Just had a couple.

Intangibles. You weren't pulled over for DUI or DWI. Once proven that a defendant was actually driving while intoxicated, the