Love for the fiber optic patch cord supplier China

With the development of technology, fiber optic manufacture in china is more and more popular than ever. Producers said that some small problems sometimes are caused by fiber accessories, and these small problems seem to be of no great importance.


We should guarantee the safety of our lives as there is no if for our live. Therefore, no matter from which aspect to consider, we need to minimize the risk. Small fiber accessories also have a clean one; we can show you and make you to understand better. Here is something to explain which you should listen to. Optical fiber connector is produced by fiber optic patch cord supplier with pigtail and adapter with a dust cap at the factory. The dust cap role is in order to make sure the connector’s cleaning and the main purpose is to protect the optical fiber connector end face, avoid direct contact with the connector end face and damaging the connector. Only in the installation, testing, use it to remove the dust cap. But removing the dust cap, the optical fiber connector and optical fiber connector coupled to another after cleaning. Therefore, there will the wrong thought, "a dust cap protection doesn’t need clean before use".


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