How To Prevent Painful Menstrual Cycle Problem With Natural Remedies?

It is normal for women to experience some cramps and pain during menstrual cycle. But, when the cramps are excessive, they are forced to miss work or school. Generally, painful periods are medically called as dysmenorrhea. When a woman experiences pain just before the beginning of the cycle, but is otherwise healthy will fall under the category of primary dysmenorrhea. On the other hand, if a normal period becomes painful later, it is termed as secondary dysmenorrhea. Generally, this condition is accompanied by a problem that affects the uterus and/or other pelvic organs in women.

What are the causes of painful menstrual cycle?

Even though, there is no identifiable cause for this issue, some women are identified as to be at the higher risk of developing this condition and the different risk factors contributing towards this condition are as follows:

1. Early puberty before the age of 11

2. Never had a baby even after reaching the childbearing age

3. Irregular periods

4. Heavy bleeding during periods

5. Smoking

6. Family history of painful periods

7. Girls under 20 years of age.

Generally, muscle contractions happen for enabling the uterus to expel its lining each month and this causes pain in women. It is also stated that women with higher level of prostaglandins may experience several pain and cramps during menstrual period. 

Underlying medical conditions:

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, some underlying medical conditions can also cause painful period in women and they are:

1. PMS

2. Endometriosis

3. Fibroids

4. Pelvic inflammatory disease

5. Sexually transmitted infections.

Can painful menstrual cycle problem prevented?

Women, who come across their friends experiencing painful periods, generally have a question on how to prevent painful menstrual cycle. Now they can rely on natural remedies and here are the details about such a remedy called Gynecure capsule:

This capsule is useful in curing different issues related to menstrual cycle in women like those mentioned below, thereby providing the right answer for women asking, 'how to prevent painful menstrual cycle?'

1. It can cure problems related to the entire genital passage in women

2. White discharge will be cured

3. It can address heavy menstrual bleeding

4. It can provide relief from painful periods

5. It can address irregular menstruation issue in women.

How to use?

It is recommended that women looking for 'how to prevent painful menstrual cycle can use these natural remedies for painful menstrual cycle called as Gynecure capsules two times a day. They can take one or two capsules for each session with plain water. It is also recommended that they should use this remedy for 3 to 4 months continuously to get the optimum results.

Are these natural remedies safe to use?

These natural remedies for painful menstrual cycle are safe to use as they are purely natural and do not cause any side effects.

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