Herbal Treatments For Painful Menstrual Cycle And Heavy Bleeding

Painful menstrual cycle is referred to as dysmenorrhea medically and women may experience either a back pain or an abdominal pain before, during or after the period. When this pain occurs before the beginning of periods, it is termed as primary dysmenorrhea, it is something common, but excessive pain after periods is something termed as secondary dysmenorrhea and experts are of the opinion that this sort of pain can be caused due to some problems in the uterus like ovarian cysts or endometriosis. 

When this is the case of painful cycles, some women experience heavy bleeding as well. This is a condition that is medically called as menorrhagia and it is associated with heavy blood flow for more than 7 days during monthly periods. When the heavy bleeding continues, it may lead to anemia in women. 

Women can get relief:

Women facing both these issues can rely on herbal remedies to get out of their issue in a safe manner. Even though, they experience these problems frequently, some women are hesitant about seeking medical help for the same. But, without seeking medical help, they can safely get out of the painful menstrual periods issue regardless of the reason behind this condition with the help of herbal treatments for painful menstrual cycle. 

How can herbal remedies help?

When talking about herbal treatment for the above-mentioned menstrual problems, women are recommended to rely on Gynecure capsules. Here are the reasons why this capsule can provide the best cure to different issues related to menstrual periods in women:

1. This is an effective blend of natural ingredients to provide the best cure for heavy bleeding, irregular periods and painful menstruation.

2. The ingredients present in these capsules can naturally balance the hormone secretion in women, thereby curing different problems related to periods.

3. Different issues experienced by women during and after periods can be handled effectively by the herbal ingredients present in these capsules.

4. It can cure white discharge issue in women.

5. In short, these herbal treatments for painful menstrual cycle are safe to use and they can bring long-term benefits for women.

Ingredients play a major role:

Any herbal remedy is made effectively mainly due to the ingredients used therein and here are details about some ingredients used in this multi-ingredient menstrual issue remedy:

1. Kachnar is an herbal ingredient known for its astringent and anthelmintic properties.

2. Tejpat is anti-diabetic in nature and so women with diabetes can get relieved of the menstrual issues caused due to excessive sugar level in the body.

3. Saffron is known to be effective in curing pre-menstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps.

4. Davada is an ingredient found in these herbal treatments for painful menstrual cycle and this ingredient can cure white discharge issue.

5. Ketasi is known to improve sterility in women and it can be effective in prevention of miscarriages.

Moreover, these capsules have many other ingredients to improve overall uterine health and wellness in women.

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