The entire realm of the Runescape


RuneScape world called Gielinor, was first a empty, the balance and characteristics of God Guthix modify Created, the reproduction of all factors. And later went through four hundreds of years, the encounter is now the fifth century. Misthalin by the Meath Tallinn , Asgarnia, Kandarin and Morytania andother nations and areas elements.

Map Top right area of the map to see the Runescape mouth near begin, there are a wide range of little and big places, various shops, drill down, workplace, the color is very bright Brlliant, very beautiful. Small company logo on the map can be seen tale. Legend in the lower left area "?" Seen at the British stage of the person can understand. You can also move the map around, under the option where you can see the hole in the ground and other particular little map.