Making you special with special paper

Paper, according to the record, is a great invention. Everyone will know that thanks to the China paper suppliers who provide various types of paper for us. To some extent, because of some special thing, you will feel special with this kind of special paper for your daily life.


Some manufacturers have started using a new, significantly more environmentally friendly alternative to expanded plastic packaging made out of paper, known commercially as paper foam. The packaging has very similar mechanical properties to some expanded plastic packaging, but is biodegradable and can also be recycled with ordinary paper. From this aspect, we will think that paper has given us hurt to some extent. However, we should find that its benefits are more than its hurt for human beings. For example, you may think that China high-class leatherette paper has ruined the forest as we should use the wood to create this kind of high quality product. But in contrast, we should figure out that it is wonderful if we have controlled the whole situation with the relative methods. What’s more, with increasing environmental concerns about synthetic coatings (such as PFOA) and the higher prices of hydrocarbon based petrochemicals, there is a focus on zein (corn protein) as a coating for paper in high grease applications such as popcorn bags. So there is a little worry about the damage for our daily life when we use special paper.


You can buy durable double gray cardboard in China if you want to donate something for the whole environment. That is fine.