zero celine handbags in the xaxis

Intro: Custom Luggage Badge I love CNC for creating custom items for friends and family. There are many options for CAD and this project could be created with any of them. I am using 2"x1/4" aluminum flat bar that I cut to 2" long. The tapped holes in the back make things easy for anodizing or your could buff it to a mirror fini.

Once you have the model done, you have to make the toolpaths and create the Gcode program to run on your CNC machine. This is a complex shape that it would be impossible to write the Gcode by hand. The program that does this is called a CAM program. Just like CAD there are a lot of CAM programs to choose from. I am using SprutCAM for my CAM. Again, this could be done with a less expensive 2D CAM program as well.

The first steps are setting up your material size and selecting your zero point. I am using a 2" x 2" x 1/4" piece of aluminum and selected the back left corner at the top of the part as my zero for my top side program. I select this zero point because it is the location of the fixed jaw on my vise and easy to zero celine handbags in the xaxis and yaxis before I put in my material.

Next, you select the different tools and operations you want to do to create your part. For this part there are 3 different tools and operations. I face the part taking off 0.010" with a fly cutter. Next I cut out the outside shape with my 1/4" endmill leaving enough stock on the bottom of the material to clamp on to (I left 0.050"). The last operation is making the chamfer around the parts top edge.

You will have to pick the feeds, speeds, and depth of cut that is appropriate for your CNC mill. I had the luxury of making this on a Tormach with a 10,000 rpm spindle and over 100 inches per minute feed rate. If you struggle with this as I used to (I have no machinist training), use a feeds and speeds calculator. There are several out there and they provide a good starting point for your programs. I use Gwizard.