My First Blog

Heya Guys. Today I'll be writing my very first blog. I am having ot pluck up alot of courage to write this as I can't even stand on stage without going bright red and my legs like Jelly :T.  Each blog will be different. This one is about A girl in my class.

So this girl in my class, I wont be syaing her name just in case someone reads this and tells her. I don't know what she has against me, I smile at her, try to talk to her but all she does is flick her hair and walk off? I just don't know, maybe it's just her, maybe I should just leave her, maybe she's jelous as i'm playing wth her old best friend?

So to be honest yeah so might be angry but it's been going on for months. All she made my best friend do was do gymnastics, either just stand there and whatch, do gymnastics,or stand there until ***** needed her.

 My best friend commented "All she made me do was stand there, help her, or do gymnastics. I was scared to come over to you beacuse of her, scared she would be angry at me.... But what if I wanted to play with someone eles for once?"

Obvisly this is getting out of hand. Can any of you guys help us? Maybe if you have the same problem we could work together?

I'm going to leave this blog here. Plaese comment below so we can try different things?

Girl Online, Going Offline ;)