Amazing Facts about Golden Retriever

Every breed of dogs has unique traits that made them stand out. Nearly all dog lovers opt for the Golden Retriever because it is friendly, dependable, and trustworthy. This dog has an unusual skill to get things without causing damage, and that is why this breed is called retriever. There are many things that you need to know regarding these dogs. With their impressive character and qualities, you will certainly want to have them in your house.

Retrievers are part of large-sized dogs. Their slightly wavy coats vary from light to dark shades of gold. A male retriever?s natural height is 56-61 centimeter while females are 55-57 centimeter. The male retrievers weigh around 29kg to 34kg. Females, on the other hand, are much lighter with a scale of 32kg. They enjoy playing in the water, but don?t worry because they are smart. They are quite obedient than other breeds of dogs. It is quite easy to train a Golden Retriever. However, this canine friend of yours can only accompany you for 11 to 12 years at most.

Retrievers could endure cold seasons because of their thick inner coat, which keeps them warm. They also keep their body dry using their outer coat, which covers their entire body. Golden Retrievers are playful and active, and they like to wander around. In order to prevent them from wandering too golden lab puppies far, you should make sure they are put in areas where there are high walls.

In order to keep your dog vibrant, you must take it outside to do some exercise. They like to eat any kind of foods and considering they are huge in size, this is beneficial. Spending two hours of exercise every day will do. If you want to do something that both of you will love, then consider playing retrieving games. Ensuring that they are properly groomed is vital because they usually shed a considerable amount of hair. It is during winter and fall when they shed profusely.

Golden Retriever is wise enough to guide a blind person or even take part in a search and rescue operation. Their skill to hunt and detect is also outstanding. It is ideal not to give them guarding roles because they are too kind to attack. They will bark, but they will not fight. This is one of the most child-friendly dog breeds. Some of them are British, American, and the Canadian retrievers.

It is very important that you bring your Golden Retriever to its vets for a regular checkup since they are vulnerable to many kinds of diseases. Adding to that, they also need to have an annual health exam to monitor their health condition. In most cases, they die due to cancer. Glaucoma and cataracts are the issues that affect their eyes. They may also die due to heart disease. Just like other aging large-sized dog breeds, they may also suffer from joint problems. Skin diseases might affect them if their flea infestation is not treated.

This kind-hearted companion will give you a positive outlook in life. Rest assured that they will return your love and care with loyalty. Golden Retriever must be one of the dog breeds you should consider at home.