Building my very own cashmachine


What? To make money online. I'm sure about that. For years now, i have been trying to find a way to make money online, using various "online income opportunities". Many of those are scam sites or just don't work for me. But there are a few sites that really deliver. Those are the building blocks i need for creating me my very own cashmachine. At this stage, I can't make a living out of the Internet opportunities yet. But the building blocks are there and i know i only have to combine them in order to construct a working cashmachine.

Let's start this journey towards this cashmachine by categorizing the building blocks. In my opinion i need the following parts:

Pocket money generators:

There is a saying: "It takes money, to make money". I totally agree with that. Now, if you have some of your own money to spend, it would give you a headstart, but if you don't you'll have to dedicate time and energy to making some pocket money first. This pocket money is then used to "ignite" your business (i will get to that later). Let's assume that you have to start from scratch. The easiest way to get a few $$ is by signing up with sites that let you earn money for viewing advertisements (Paid To Click or PTC sites). Dependent of your time and dedication, you will be able to make between $0.04 and $0.12 each day. That doesn't sound much, but those small numbers will eventually add up to something bigger. 

Payment processors/Exchangers:

In order to actually receive money, you have to sign up at so called "payment processor sites" There are many of these sites, with Paypal being an example of a wellknown payment processor.

An Exchanger site comes in handy if you want to transfer money between your payment processor sites.

Traffic Exchange sites/other means of attracting people (like this blog thing):

You want your business to be seen and in order to make more money, you want people to signup under your name at different sites as your referral. Referrals can give your income a real boost, however: many people are not that good in getting those referrals. I have to admit: i'm not good at it. Because of this, the cashmachine i'm building has to be independent of others: referrals shouldn't be required in order to make some decent money, but if you are able to have people signup as your referral, it can be very profitable, so promoting your business is a good thing to do.

A Traffic Exchange (TE) site is a wellknown option for promoting your business: view other member's sites and you'll receive credits. Those credits can be used to "buy" traffic to your own sites: other people will see what you have to offer.

A real business site (no ponzi schemes!):

This one is the most difficult part, because how do you know if a site is a ponzi scheme or not? I think i have found the real deal, but i'm not going to reveal it yet. First things first: in my next post i'll discuss some "pocket money generators".


Happy reading