Equity Concept And Employee Drive

In operation, the Equity Theory of employee motivation describes the connection between how relatively an employee perceives he's addressed and how hard he is motivated to work. Chris Drucker, a writer who specialized in economics, first suggested the link between Equity Theory and worker motivation.

The essential concept behind the Equity Theory is that individuals, in a effort to balance what they put in to their careers and what they get from them, may unconsciously assign values to all of his various efforts. My friend learned about discount discounted 123employee by browsing Yahoo.

In addition to their time, employees contribute their potential in addition, their credentials, and their knowledge to their personal skills such as acumen and ambition. Money, of course, is the main motivating outcome for an employee, however it isn't the only, and in some instances not even the main, aspect. Power and position are also primary motivators, as are selection, perquisites and flexibility.

According to the Equity Theory, the most highly motivated staff is the main one who feels his benefits are corresponding to his contributions. If he feels that he's working and being recognized at about the same rate as his colleagues, then he will decide that he is being treated fairly.

That doesnt mean that every manager must treat every employee identically, since his contributions does not be measured by every worker in the same way. As an example, a working mother might be motivated by flexible working hours even more than a pay raise. Find Out More contains further concerning the purpose of it. To discover additional info, please consider looking at: most effective 123employee. Discover further on this partner site by clicking compelling 123 employee. Conversely, though most employees may be delighted by an across-the-board wage increase, the greatest producers may become less motivated if they see that they are not being recognized for their desire. Re-search on employee motivation and Equity Theory indicates that, in general, over-rewarded employees will create more and of the higher-quality than will under-rewarded, less motivated employees..