How a man away from impotence?

Impotence is one of the man's a big trouble, the cause of impotence has a lot of, the following method is to let a man away from impotence.
  Some people used to drink and sex, some people even think that drinking and having sex will "improve quality".Actually, especially after a large number of drinking alcohol after drinking, it will lead to the man (Ninety drgree) penile erectile not hard or premature ejaculation, obstruction sex harmony;Conception and drink and endangers the fetus.

Five, don't speak hygiene
Having sex in dirt, cluttered environment, will affect both the male and the female mental states, interference sex (Ninety drgree) of success;Such as organ health, still can give each other a threat to the health of the bacteria and other pathogens into each other's body, damage the other's health.Instead, clean and pleasant environment and wash down before sexual intercourse, is not only beneficial to both sides of the health, also help sex harmonious and happy.