Changes in product range and distribution channels in bag industry

Bags are not only as an everyday tool article nowadays, it is just like the clothing which is no longer used for cold and warm. They have together gone into a temple of fashion, and become fashion beauty incarnate. This would give challenge for wholesale supplier of bag in China.


Luggage products are more and more diversified and style update cycles are getting shorter. A variety of factors will be considered when consumers choose bags. They need to meet their attending occasion and to be with clothing, affairs to be handled. Therefore, companies have begun to produce a variety of luggage bags of different styles for different purposes. Innovation will be an integral part of in the future of the technical content in the area of a wide variety of bags. So even for China high-grade canvas printing bag, they will make a new fashion for customers. Meanwhile, we should change the distribution channels with the main stream. Today, luggage sales channels have begun to connect the past to get rid of the production, wholesale, sales of three different factories and enterprises. Began a cooperative agent or set production and processing sales model. And many companies are also beginning to realize that large and extensive product development concept will lose market, market positioning accuracy, professional distinct types of bags in order to meet the consumption needs of the production of a specific occasion, truly reflect the core values ‚Äčof luggage.


Of course, for China, it is an ancient country with various cultures. So some suppliers would provide China traditional embroidery bags wholesale for foreign travels or consumers. I think this is a nice shot in bag industry.