What are some of the surroundings individuals will be enjoying in

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What are some of the surroundings individuals will be enjoying in?So far we’ve only exposed the Al Kharid wasteland area, but the ultimate activity will function several different places and surroundings taken from the globe of RuneScape.  For example, Lumbridge is an apparent one for us to try out.  There will be different landscapes for players to discover like ice, jungles and some swamps.Could you explain what the differentiator between the two cards kinds is?

The two kinds you’ll experience are Fight and Experience credit cards. The Fight credit cards take the way of aggressive figures that you’ll have to battle to be able to produce silver or products. The Experience credit cards are what you invest your valuable silver on; they’ll give you lovers to your personality to improve their health or harm levels.Could you discuss a little bit about the figures themselves, because the credit cards disappear?