is he really a changed man???

is he really a changed man???Twitter 12229 Buhari Insists He Is A Converted Democrat Clement Ejiofor, 14 minutes ago Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president-elect, gave one of his first interviews since the announcement of the election results. The All Progressives Congress politician called himself a converted democrat, Leadership reports with reference to his conversation with CNN network. Buhari, who emerged winner of the March 28 presidential election, was reminded by the interviewer that he had banned political meetings, restricted press freedom and set up secret tribunals, when in the office as a head of state. To which Buhari replied: “The only thing you haven’t said is that I did all those things you allege under military administration and, since then, I am a converted democrat and I attempted to attain this office three times and third times I ended in the highest court, in the Supreme Court. “And the allegations that people were executed for offences that are not death sentence, I think you are wrong. When we came into power in December 1983, we decided to use death sentence on traffickers. So we made the law before people were prosecuted.” Buhari also vowed to “face Boko Haram insurgency squarely” as according to him the Nigerian army has enough sources to tackle the insurgency. He lamented, however, that the security had been inhibited by corruption in their fight against Boko Haram. “The Nigerian soldiers, acting outside of ethical expectations, were giving interviews to foreign journalists; they were being sent to face the terrorists but lacked of adequate weapons, training and leadership. “I know the National Assembly attempted to carry out a hearing to know how much was budgeted for weapons and training in the last three and four years and they wanted to invite the Service Chiefs and the Chief of Defence Staff but that hearing was cancelled by the administration. So the performance of the military was affected by corruption in the system.” READ ALSO: Top Negative Reactions To Buhari Victory Speaking about the economic challenges, the APC politician insisted on reintroducing the culture of accountability. “The laws are there; the problem is that the laws are being ignored and the aura of corruption is being developed, and they have to be addressed immediately. People must be held accountable for public funds and property. “I assure you that if we can successfully block that hole on corruption, those would be the resources that will be utilized to improve infrastructure and then work hard to invest in agriculture and mining and provide jobs for everyone unemployed before resource made can go for other social developments in the country.” In a recent interview with BBC Buhari shed the light on his plans of dealing with Boko Haram insurgency and eliminating corruption