Eupec Infineon Technologies AG - FZ3600R12KE3 IGBT Transistor Module Stock

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If you are looking for a lightweight IGBT transistor module which can provide as much as 3600A/1200V for your uninterruptible power supply (UPS), search no more, as Eupec Infineon FZ3600R12KE3 is here to give your UPS power supply a boost.


At only 12lbs., FZ3600R12KE3 amazingly has high power density due to its strong module construction. Because of this remarkable advantage, this IGBT transistor module is not only useful to UPS but also known to be beneficial to other target applications as well, such as drives, wind converters, and solar converters. Environmentally safe and hazard-free, FZ3600R12KE3 manufactured by Eupec Infineon Technologies AG and it’ is UL recognized.


Ordinary UPS only provides uninterrupted power for a short period of time. To improve and increase the power and brevity of your UPS, you need FZ3600R12KE3 Infineon IGBT Transistor Module Stock! Visit and get yours now!


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