Do LED lights Attract Bugs and Insects? and Ten more Amazing Facts About Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs

Are bugs and insects attracted to LED bulbs? It may not be so much the type of light bulb as it is the "COLOR Spectrum" emitted by the lamp you have chosen ; incandescent light emits a spectrum known as IR or infrared. Although not a useful bandwidth to the human eye, insects seem uncontrollably drawn to IR and blue spectrum light sources. "Bug Zappers" take advantage of this well known suicidal phenomenon to attract and kill nearby insects. By changing your front porch or even your interior lighting to "Warm White" LED Bulbs, insects from outside will be less likely drawn onto or into your home. Insects are however drawn towards the blue spectrum.

*LED lights with color temperatures of 3200k or higher (cool white) will definitely attract insects.

"We have a large property and I replaced 38 fluorescent t8 tubes and about 20 light bulbs and 4 flood lights with LED equivalents. I ordered different types / brands and light colors which are measured in K. It is obvious here in our part of the world that certain LED light colors ( warm) attract much less insects than some cool color lights. As not all insects are the same, some might be still attracted best led desk lamp to warm LED lights as they might be equipped with different sensors. But one thing is for sure, certain "warm" type LED lights are almost "insect free" at night here."

1.a Recently, amber LEDs have been utilized in coastal areas to help Sea Turtles navigate black table lamps without interference with their breeding activities

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