USB Devices


They feature a fantastic range of USB items whether you're a demon or a self-confessed company geek there will be considered a present for you.

Take a look at a selection of these items ideal for Fathers Day, birthdays or simply to ruin yourself.

USB Cup Warmer and Mug Warmer with 4 USB Ports - Weve all been there. Youve only brewed your-self a steaming cup of fluid Loveliness, you get back to your table to a flurry of important e-mails and by-the time youve prevented all manner of minor disasters such as the superhuman workhorse that you are, your cup of steaming refreshment is stone cold. To learn more, we recommend you have a look at: follow us on twitter. As our new USB Cup Warmer, worry not, company knight is the ideal solution to your tepid tea dilemma! Just connect the USB Cup Warmer into a spare USB port in your computer and the Cup Warmer will keep your beverage at the maximum operating temperature for so long as you care to leave it.

Hardware Rocket Launcher - The USB rocket launcher gives the last word desk protection system to you to keep your exhausted, smelly breathed boss from you to leave you to get on with the essential issues of your day, which include such a thing other than work! Rockets are held three by the USB rocket launcher and you can control your USB rocket launcher from your computer; turning and tilting the launcher until you have the enemy in your places. If you are interested in shopping, you will perhaps require to compare about site. Visiting possibly provides suggestions you can give to your cousin. Then as you strike the fire button the three missiles deploy sequentially.

Hardware Hamster Wheel - Have you have ever wanted a hairy little Hamster to sit on your desk, but didn't want to deal with cleaning up poop and providing it? Well you should always check this out. You connect this little hamster wheel to your PC USB port and then fill the included pc software. The faster you typ-e the faster the little guy runs. You can now have a PC run by hamsters..... Type of...Provides light relief from the busy business days anyway.

Flash Pole Dancer - Somehow boys will be boys and regardless of how old they're, there's nothing quite such as for instance a pole dancer to get their attention. We all realize that the USB port is very good for powering a whole bunch of desk-top games, but this USB-powered Pole Dancer has been getting quite a bit of stick in prudish U.K., to even the extent of having it pulled from store shelves. This Pole Dancer is really a doll wearing a red bikini, strutting her thang of a post with an accompaniment of flashing lights and disco music.