Experience Safer in Your Bathroom

The shower can be quite a very scary place when those soap suds start to collect on the floor of one's shower. A proven way to feel better in the shower is to install a grab bar to the wall. In the event you choose to dig up further about www.sandifersstoneandtilecare.com/, there are tons of databases you should think about pursuing. Here are the equipment you'll need and instructions to correctly use a grab bar in your tiled bathroom shower.

When you've acquired a grab bar you need certainly to acquire the equipment needed to set it up. Listed below are the equipment you will need:

Philips-head screwdriver


1/8 inch masonry bit or glass and tile bit

Stud person or even a amount of cable

Tape measure

Silicon caulk

Sharp awl or carbide glass and tile routine bit

Wood bit, 1/16 smaller than the size of mounting screws

The first thing you will have to do to set up your grab bar is always to find a wall stud. Be taught new information on our affiliated link by going to sandifersstoneandtilecare.com. When you have usage of a stud finder this may help greatly. Run the stud finder over the wall until a wall stud is situated and mark the location with a superb point marker. No concerns, just take a masonry bit or glass and tile bit and just punch a hole to the grout, If you do not need an electric stud finder. Then take your amount of line and make a bend inside. Set the cord in the hole and by rotating it left and right you ought to hit a stud. If you don't locate a stud, the opening that you just drilled may be filled up with a slight little bit of silicone caulk. Make sure to flatten the dab of silicone caulk therefore it doesn't protrude from the grout line, permit the caulk to dry for about three hours. When you yourself have powdered grout practical, mix up a little and repair the hole. Re-drill still another hole until you find a stud. Measure 16 inches from that opening, when you do look for a stud and you should really be able to drill in to another stud.

So that you can measure from the beds base of the bath to look for the keeping of your club you'll want to mark your stud places. Area your bar so that each end is finished a stud and mark the screw holes that come in the mounting bracket.

To drill the mounting holes in to tile you'll need certainly to make a kick off point for the drill bit or else the bit will find the tile. To create a kick off point use a sharp awl or afore described drill bit. Making use of your hand, twist the instrument on your make to make a small impression on the tile; this can keep your drill bit from slipping. Do not work with a strike or you are likely to crack your tile. Use your hole to be drilled by the glass and tile bit. Get further on our related site by navigating to ::Michael's Blog:: Learn to Reduce Ceramic Tile - Indyarocks.com. If employing a masonry bit, place tape within the tile and punch gradually to prevent breaking the tile. You dont desire to break your tiles when screwing the mounting brackets on both therefore use a bit that is 1/32 larger compared to the measurement of the mounting screw you'll be using. Begin drilling the hole gradually and with even pressure whilst to not go off your mark. Use light pressure when drilling to avoid cracking the tile.

Make certain never to drill deeper than the tile and it assistance. Now, you'll need certainly to modify your bit to the wood bit 1/16 smaller compared to screw. This can create a pilot hole in the guys.

The final step would be to install the bar. Silicon caulk should be applied to the pockets before mounting; that is to protect the wood and support panels behind the tiles from leaking water. Click this hyperlink sandifersstoneandtilecare.com/ to compare how to flirt with this concept. Simply screw the bar to the wall. You'll wish to use stainless steel screw or they'll rust. Tighten the screws tightly ensuring never to over tighten them or they will crack the tile.

You should now have your grab club properly fitted. You can feel safer in the act and now take a peaceful, relaxing shower..