3 Easy Solution To Stop Internet Link Hijackers

There are many ways to earn an honest dollar creating an online business, although some only try to look for the very best deals possible. There clearly was a period when people who were surfing the Web were more vulnerable to click the affiliate links and buy stuff without thinking too much of it. Maybe not it seems that the things are slightly different, as a result of the fact that the prices are higher than they were before and some individuals try to 'Hijack' the commissions by changing the ID of the affiliate links using their ID.

Lets guess that you have an affiliate link for example www.productdomain.. com/?affID, and the hijacker can replace your link with his ID, that is 'newID': www.productdomain. com/?newID. This is how he manages to simply take the cash that is rightfully yours.

You can find also cases if the hijacker can change your ID in the link. This thrilling is linklicious good web resource has some pictorial cautions for the purpose of it. Navigate to this hyperlink linklicious.me vs to read the meaning behind this idea. The visitors will soon be redirected to the simple URL and buy the products they find there, without even seeing your ID (it would seem like www.productdomain.. My dad discovered linklicious.me by searching the Sydney Gazette. com). In both cases, you will reduce your commission.