ExperTrans Global Company Burmese translation company?

ExperTrans Global Company the best Burmese translation company?
As a world leading Burmese translation company, ExperTrans Global Company offers a wide range of specialized translation solutions from and into Burmese to a number of business areas and industries
Why is ExperTrans Global Company the best Burmese translation company?
Time-saving: ExperTrans’s network of Burmese translators and linguists cover all around the world. We are now presenting in over 10 countries and 4 continents, which enables us to provide a round-the-clock or restless Burmese translation services to all clients. Moreover, thanks to our excellent quality control, we can process more than 100.000 words per day. With this impressive speed, we can fasten our work and shorten the turnaround time
Money-saving: No one wants his project and requirement is handled by an amateur translator with high charges. Understanding this feeling, ExperTrans only recruits and assigns native and local translators for each project. As for Burmese translation, we have over 200 translators/ interpreters who speak Burmese as mother-tongue language and specialized in prioritized business areas such as:
burmese translation services for Shipping and Marine
thai translation company for Religion and Tourism
translation company in vietnam for Healthcare and medication
Burmese translation company for Finance and Banking