The basic principle for using plywood

Every product will have a principle when you use it. So does for plywood. Have you tried to figure out the features of using plywood for your home decoration coming from the plywood supplier in China? Chance is here! You deserve to have a view about it.


In order to try to improve the anisotropic characteristics of natural wood, plywood characteristics make uniform, stable shape; usually plywood in the structure must comply with two basic principles: First symmetry; two adjacent layers of fiber board perpendicular to each other. Symmetry principle is to ask veneer plywood on both sides of the central plane of symmetry, both the nature of the wood, veneer thickness, number of layers, fiber orientation, moisture content, etc., should be symmetrical to each other. In the same piece of plywood, veneer can be used and the thickness of a single species can also be used and the thickness of the veneer of different species; however, any two sides of the central plane of symmetry symmetrical to each other and the thickness of the veneer species to be the same. Like the owner of block boards wholesale China said that face is not the same species allowed back. To meet the above plywood structure while two basic principles, it should be an odd number of layers. So it is usually made of plywood three, five, seven and so odd layers. Name plywood layers are: surface veneer called table boards. Veneer inner layer is called the core; table board called the front panel, the back of the table board called back; core, the fiber direction parallel with the table plate long called the core or the board. When the cavity platen slab composed of front and back panels must bear facing outward.


You will have a good understanding when you have the basic principle in mind. This will give you good advice when you buy best mdf wood in China in the market for various types of MDF.