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Water Sports Entertainment in Grand Cayman

Having fun Grand Cayman vacations is guaranteed with all the many things that you can do in the islands such as its water sports. Aside from its beautiful beaches, the Grand Cayman has a myriad of water sports for you to choose from with watercraft that you can rent like kayaks, aqua trike, banana boat, waverunners, paddle cats, sea scooters, paddle boats, surfing boards and view boards. Fly like a human kite and get a panoramic view of the beaches and waters of the island thru parasailing. The East End is considered as the best place to windsurf with its strong trade winds but the North Sound and West Coast are ideal for windsurfing too. Otherwise, you can also tour the lush mangroves with your kayak. Those who would prefer not to be too adventurous can opt to charter a boat and sail in their waters or otherwise go on sunset or special theme cruises. There are glass bottom boats that let you have a glimpse of the rich marine life. Whatever you may choose, rest assured it will always add to the memories of your Grand Cayman vacations.

Sightseeing in the Grand Cayman

The powder white sand beaches and unique water sports adventures are not the only attractions that Grand Cayman vacations can offer to the avid vacationers. One of the most enticing diving spots that lures scuba divers and snorkelers is the well-known Stingray City that offers you the chance to swim with a lot of friendly South Atlantic Stingrays that you can play with and feed. If this kind of adventure is not your thing, you can opt to spend the day just lazing around in the soft breeze under the trees with a good book at Rum Point Beach. Another place worth visiting on Grand Cayman is the Go to Hell gift shop with the devil as the shopkeeper and was named after a fungus-blackened calcareous rock that is said to be a million years old. One interesting place that has just recently been developed is Boatswain Beach which is an extension of the Cayman Turtle Farm that was destroyed by a typhoon. The Butterfly Farm and Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park are two good attractions worthy of visiting especially by those who love nature. All these places and so much more are attractions worth visiting in Grand Cayman.

Top Choice for Grand Cayman Beaches

The powder white sand beaches of the island is one main reason why tourists opt to have their Grand Cayman vacations. Seven Mile Beach is the most popular with 9 kilometers of sparkling white sand and numerous resorts and restaurants. Here at this beach you have a wide array of watercraft and water sports choices like parasailing and snorkeling aside from swimming or soaking in the sun on its seashores. There is also a public beach in a quieter section of the Seven Mile Beach. Another famous beach is Rum Point where snorkeling is recommended in an area that is sheltered by a barrier reef. Other beaches on Grand Cayman are Smiths Cove, South Sound Cemetery Beach, Water Cay, Sunrise Villas Secluded Beach, Spots Beach and the West Bay Public Beach. With these beautiful beaches, what vacationer would not be enticed to go to Grand Cayman and have fun?

Go Scuba Diving in the Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is well known for being do you agree one of the best scuba diving spots, with over 250 dive sites available for you to choose from. The waters of this vacation island is balmy at 75 to 85 degrees, has a 100-foot visibility, calm and current-free. It hosts shipwrecks and a stunning marine life with schools of fishes, sponges and corals, stingrays and green and hawksbill sea turtles that guarantee a multicolored feast for the eyes. One of the worlds best dive sites can be found here at the Stingray City. The water sports centers or dive shops have instructors to teach you the rudiments of scuba diving as well as provide you with scuba gear that you can rent. One unique feature of the Grand Caymans are the two walls studded with multicolored sponges and corals that surround the diving spot which is composed of a 60-foot wall drop for low dives and a deeper drop. Go home after your Grand Cayman vacations with an up close and personal encounter with the marine life of the island.

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