------it is very bad and not acceptable------

we have seen that wallinside .c om is not supported and cooperative. we have a experiance that i have started a blog with wallinside.com and posted 4 very best articles. but after 2 month i can not found the blog. the blog was also attached with chitika ads. when ever i try to open the blog it gives a error that email or password is incorrect. i have changed the password as lost password but inspite of that with changing my password i will get the same error. other thing i have faced that i have written many emails time to time but every time inspite of giving me any guidance they have failed the delivery permanentally. we think that their may be our mistake but they should told us about what to do. i have also written on the contact us but i do not think that i will get any reply. they are giving us the tools to open a free blog but on the other hand they may do not want that we may get success. we do not understand that where the blog and the articles posted on the blog have gone. it may be a very small mistake that is not coming in our mind but the wallinside have not think any duty.they can waste their time not to recieve our email and failed their delivery permanently but not devote some time to guide and reffer it to a right palace. we think that it is our right to get our blog and our articles back and wants a suitable reply from wallinside.com