EOBD2 Reliable ELM327 Wifi for iPhone from China

I have no affiliation with the suppliers of this product, just a customer!

I already own an Autel DS708 but was thinking about buying a portable code reader, an OBD-to-Phone device. I bought one of the cheap ELM327 WIFI scanners so I can do diagnosis wherever I go. For only €11.00 I was sure this would be read only. The tool arrived last week and worked better than I expected. Now I would do a quick review on it.

Ordering and delivery: Ordered this from China on Nov. 21, payment made thru Paypal. The tool was shipped within 24 hours and arrived at my door 12 days later. The seller sent an email when order Received, Processed and Shipped.

Package: It came with a mini CD that contains software. Both the tool and the CD were in good shape.

Installation: The only thing I do not like is there was no manual or guide on how to use the ELM327. This is a WIFI device and I am supposed to build WiFi network between my iPhone and the tool. I sent the seller an email, and it gave me a link which was very helpful:

User experience: Once I followed the link and built WiFi network, I was able to read data from my car. No license required. I reprogrammed a couple of options - works great. Below are some pics of my cars info from the scanner: