Top Areas With Powerful 12 Step Programs.

When staying clean in sobriety, you may find yourself wondering where the best areas are in the country to live that will help strengthen your sobriety. Here are some of the most desired sober communities in the country in no particular order.

Boston, Massachusetts

You may question this because of initially thinking of Ivy League Harvard and immediately associate heavy drinking and drug abuse, but keep in mind that where there could be rampant partying, there is the opposite trick of the trade as well – recovery. With over 2,000 AA meetings in the Boston area, the program is alive and thriving. Not only that, but there are dozens of sober living homes as options for individuals who feel it would benefit them in their recovery to reside there.

Nashville, Tennessee

While many know Nashville as the “music city,” some instead refer to it as the “soberest city” in the country. Having 280 recovery meetings a week, the city has a strong fellowship with events going throughout each season of the year. Whether it’s a picnic in the spring or a late night lantern dinner in the fall, living sober is sure to be pleasing in Tennessee.

Portland, Oregon

For an individual in recovery, this funky city could be ideal. Described as a “hip” location, Portland is known for being unique and having a diverse community. The reputation of its recovery community is that it is welcoming and energetic. There is a wide age range living sober here, including a young twelve steps group of recovering individuals as well.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota is another state emphatic on recovery. Filled with over a thousand treatment facilities in the state and gaining popularity for its 35 sober high schools, Minnesota has a great reputation for good morale.

Delray Beach, Florida

Of course, when you’re living sober, the recovery capital of the country would top the list for best places for you to reside! In 2008, the city of Delray Beach, Fl was proclaimed as the United State’s “largest and most vibrant recovery community” by the New York Times.

New York City, New York

Last but certainly not least would have to be the city that never sleeps! New York City may be known for some crude, violent drug crime but it is also keen on its recovery community filled with a multitude of varying fellowships. AA by itself brings in 4,000 meetings in a single week! Living sober in the city is possible. Don’t forget about all of the exciting activities there are to get involved in round-the-clock since you can actually be present to enjoy it!

Houston, Texas

Houston is widely known for being big on having 12-step clubhouses throughout the city. Clubhouses are a huge hit and they come along with social opportunities for recovering individuals, 12-step meetings, coffee bars, job postings, and volunteer information. Living sober is plausible in Houston because getting 12 step plugged in doesn’t pose a difficult challenge, making it a seemingly adjustable move for any individual in recovery.

Los Angeles, California

Even though Los Angeles can have a bad reputation known for popularity with illegal drugs, the city is actually keen on recovery and one of the best for living sober in.

These are some great recovery oriented places when you’re living right. However, when you are in recovery, your sobriety isn’t entirely contingent on location as much as it is on practicing the best program of your recovery.