Cost-Effective Analog-to-Digital Aircraft Instrumentation Upgrade from JP Instruments

EDM 760There are numerous single and twin engine aircraft out there that were manufactured in the 50’s and are still buzzing the skies in America. These have been lovingly maintained by their owners who often wish they had worthy replacements for their ageing, outdated and often unreliable aircraft instrument panel.


More often than not, they hesitate to replace the old aircraft instrumentation because of cost concerns. Fortunately for them, J.P. Instruments, a California based company has been manufacturing cost-effective aircraft instruments which are an ideal replacement for single and twin engine aircraft instrument panels and also the best possible way to convert ancient analog flight instruments into modern space-age digital flight instruments.


Converting analog to digital not only brings in accuracy, it brings in an enormous safety element that simply does not exist under the analog regime. Take the J.P. Instrument EDM 900 Primary for example; meant for a single engine aircraft, the EDM-900 is certified as a primary flight instrument.


The EDM 900 Primary aircraft instrument panel is recognised as the most advanced and accurate piston engine-monitoring instrument on the market. The EDM 900 Primary from J.P. Instruments is a Flight Engineer as well as a Maintenance Manager for your aircraft. It constantly watches over your engine in fact, you can make an entire flight without ever pushing a button, if you so choose. Your EDM 900 Primary will be monitoring your engine parameters three times a second and will warn you instantly if any parameter exceeds the programmed limit.


J.P. Instrument’s is however not limited to manufacturing cost-effective aircraft instrumentation for just single engine aircraft; they also manufacture cost-effective aircraft instrumentation for twin engine aircraft as well. For example, the EDM-960 is a certified primary flight instrument that requires just one DAU per engine so you have only 2 wires running back to the display in the cockpit. There are no thermocouple wires in the wings. It monitors engine conditions four times per second and will warn if any measurement exceeds the programmed limit.


The EDM-960 is available in various configurations starting from 4 cylinders to 9 cylinder engines with high flow fuel transducer.


Replacing obsolete aircraft instrumentation with a cost-effective EDM from J.P. Instrument eliminates reliability issues and growing maintenance costs. Also by presenting information more clearly, it enhances the pilot’s overall situational awareness of critical engine parameters and reduces pilot workload.


In an all time first, J.P. Instrument now offers colour customization of any EDM purchase so you can colour coordinate your EDM with any other existing digital instruments. Upgrading your old analog flight instruments with the new digital instruments from J.P. Instruments means no more searching through a dozen or more tiny analog dials and needles to find important engine related information. It also eliminates the chance of not detecting critical engine conditions which means you save money by reducing unscheduled Fuel gauges maintenance.