----The Main Reason Of Failure Of Bloggers---

We think that there are many reasons of failure of blogger in the internet world inspite of their most hard work and devoting their very much time and energy. the only those blogger are successful who are very much fammiliar with the computer and know how to operate the computer but they mostly donot know to write a article. they only know how to guide and tell the people so that they can do their computer operations right. there are very few persons who know the computer operation very well and also can upload a right articles. what i mean to say is that there are most of the bloggers who can upload very good articles but due to the lack of knowledge in computer operations the do not get the desire success for what they are capable to get. it is also very easy to solve the problem but due to the lack of knowledge of those persons who are providing facities to for bloggers or they have not make efforts to solve their probles who are capable of uploading the interesting and logical articles or these persons may be due to their malafied intension do not want to solve the problems who are weak in computer operations.*****We think that if they provide chating facilities or allow them to sent email to those who are verifying their articles when they are trying to upload all the problem can be solved very easily. it is not that they will waste their time but after few emails where they can sent their doubts and when they get their answers that comes out most of the time.they will feel no need to sent any email. we think that in this way we can give a success to every blogger as per their talent,knowledge and capability. it think that it will ensure right material to come in the internet and can change the thinking of the people as they want to read the bloggers material