Beneficial Home Remedies For Herpes

Herpes is an infection that is caused by the virus herpes simplex which is very itchy and painful problem. It is generally seen in both men and women. It is characterized by appearance in the form of small red, swelled and liquid-filled blisters or sores near eyes, mouth, lips, and genitals. The herpes simplex virus enters the human body through direct contact like sex, kiss, and touch or indirectly that includes sharing personal items of the infected person. It is highly contagious and is the main cause of various diseases, like brain infection, cancer, chickenpox, etc. 

The problem among men leads to herpes blisters that emerge on the male organ, buttocks, anus, thighs, and scrotum or inside the urethra. The women face the problem in the form of herpes blisters that appear on buttocks, cervix, vaginal area, anus, and external genitals. There are some of the home remedies for herpes that minimize the issue and it's after effects as well. These are as follows:

The use of olive oil is known as the simple home remedies for herpes which is useful to moisturize the skin and acts as an agent that is rich in anti-oxidants. It helps to heal the sores. The oil should be heated in a pot and bee wax should be added to it. The mixture should be applied to the affected area. It acts as a cooling agent. 

The use of lavender oil is useful for this problem. It acts as one of the simple home remedies for herpes. The oil should be heated in a pot and bee wax should be added to it. It should be allowed to cool and applied to the infected area.

The use of baking soda is ideal for the skin. It should be made into a paste by adding water and applied on the affected area. It is an effective treatment for getting rid of herpes fast. It helps to provide immediate relief in the itchy and painful sores. 

The use of tea tree oil is highly effective for the skin related problems. It is also one of the trouble-free home remedies for herpes. It should be diluted with water applied on the affected area to soothe the skin. 

The use of lemon balm is useful for the problem. It has flavonoids, phenolic acid, and rosmarinic acid. It helps to relieve pain and heal the sores or blisters.

The use of licorice roots is healthy for the skin that is indeed one of the most reliable home remedies for herpes. It should be applied to the affected area to get rid of the problem completely. 

Tea bags are also useful for the problem because it has tannin. It is known for anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties that heals the sores. The tea bag should be prepared and allowed to cool. These are then applied to the sores for 5 minutes. The process should be repeated twice or thrice a day.

The use of corn starch is ideal for the sores which is the also the best home remedies for herpes. It helps to absorb excessive moisture from the skin which ultimately helps in reducing chafing and itching. 

The application of aloe vera gel is extremely healthy for the skin. It is a natural healing agent which can heal anything on the skin. 

Epsom salt is effective for the sores. It should be used in bathing water. It helps to heal the skin and relieve from any pain.


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