Bedroom Furniture Rental and Mattress Fundamentals

Bedroom Furniture Rental and Mattress Fundamentals

Whether it's enhancing comfort in the master suite or fluffing up the guest room for a couple of weeks, renting a mattress can be a nice alternate to buying. It can save you a lot of money upfront, but a great mattress is more than a great bargain. Before making a decision at the rental shop, consumers should go in at least knowing the basics and what makes a quality mattress.

Common Mattress Types

Twin. Twin-sized mattresses are a popular choice for kid's rooms and bunkbeds. Measuring out to 39 x 75, they are an ideal substitute for king-sized beds when grouping two mattresses together on a box spring. 

Full. Full-sized mattresses are an ideal compromise between twin and queen-sized beds. They make a great choice for teens as well as guest room setups.

Queen. Queen-sized mattresses are arguably the most common variety in America. Find them at a good price, and they are an ideal fit in smaller master bedrooms and larger guest rooms.

King. King-sized mattresses are roughly 16 inches wider than their queen counterparts, which makes them a bit of a hassle from a maneuverability standpoint. However, they are growing increasingly popular with those seeking the ultimate comfort.

California King. California king-sized mattresses are about 4 inches longer than traditional kings and 12 inches wider than queens. Like the standard king, they require two twin-sized box springs for maneuverability sakes.

Box Springs For Foundation

Speaking of box springs, they are equally important to bedroom comfort. After all, this is the foundation of the bed, so without a good box spring, the best mattress will be limited in the comfort it is able to provide. When it comes to making a choice, consumers should prioritize finding a box spring that is specially designed for their mattress and vice versa.

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