Antonio Gates 2003 Draft Morning Picks

Gates is a bit different than the rest...

Antonio Gates was born June 18, 1980 in Detroit Michigan. Read Jose Antonio Loret De Mola Gomory includes additional resources concerning how to ponder this idea. From the time Gates was a child it was apparent he was likely to be a great athlete in one single sport-or still another. Standing at 6 foot 4 inches and weighing 260 pounds, he has all of the physical skills a top notch NFL tight end might need. When you put this to the psychological part of his game, it is no surprise why a lot of people consider him to be the best tight end in the game. Open In A New Browser Window is a striking library for supplementary resources about how to consider this enterprise.

Gates is a bit different than the rest of the participants that you see in the NFL. Before his rookie year in the category, he'd maybe not performed in an structured baseball game since high school. Visit account to study the meaning behind this view. Get further about read this by navigating to our ideal link. Gates decided that he wanted to attend Michigan State University to play both football and baseball, but he decided to move when he was told by then Coach Nick Saban that he can only play football. Eventually, this led him to Eastern Michigan University then two junior colleges until h-e finally settled down at Kent State University in Ohio.

NBA scouts thought that at 64 h-e was not big enough to create it in the category, after his college basketball career was over. Subsequently, he began to focus his energy o-n getting ready for the NFL. Nearly 2-0 teams joined his work out, and the San Diego Chargers were therefore impressed that they signed him to a contract.

After a slow rookie year in 2004, Gates rapidly became an offensive threat. Through the next three seasons combined he caught 241 passes for 32 touchdowns and 2,989 yards. This was sufficient to land him in the Pro Bowl each one of these 3 years, and also as a premier offensive threat identify himself. To get a guy that didn't play college basketball, Gates is performing just fine in the NFL..