Fixing Wii Error Code 32004

Wii Error Code 32004 can be an incredibly annoying problem. Whether the problem presents itself playing an online game, downloading a title from the virtual console, or streaming a movie from Netflix, it can be a very frustrating task to USB power strip try and locate the problem. Taking a few troubleshooting steps best surge protector can help to narrow down the issue, and hopefully get the Wii working again.

If connected through a wireless router, make sure that the router is on. If it has been switched off, or the power strip it is plugged into has been shut off, your Wii will not be getting the connection that it wants to the internet. Depending on the brand of wireless router that you have, it may be tell you whether or not it is receiving data from the modem. It is also important to check the modem to see if it is receiving power and data, as this is the primary gateway from the phone lines to your machines. If your computer is also not receiving internet access, your provider may need to be called to see if there is an outage.

If it appears that the router and modem are working properly, check and make sure that the right credentials are set in the Wii internet menu. If you have changed the security code for your wireless network, or the SSID is spelled incorrectly, you will not have access to your wireless internet. If you have set your router to only accept traffic from certain hardware addresses, make sure that the correct MAC address for your console is entered into the router.

If you are not using a router, but the wireless usb accessory from Nintendo, make sure the accessory is plugged in and working. Checking to make sure that the drivers are up installed could help as well. If the wireless adapter in not working, a 32004 message will be shown.

By ensuring that all the components are working in your network, you can usually find the cause of the problem for the error message. Checking the modem, router, and wireless adapters are the easiest ways to make sure that it is not a hardware problem. If the settings are correct, and the hardware is working, and the service to other machines in your house is not impaired, you may need to have your Wii serviced.