Today in morning while i was sitting on my sofa,sipping my coffee i went through two articles on same page of newspaper and smiled while thinking about we....the great humans.

Though we r considered as intelligent,but this not true in evryones article was about a marraige ceremony in which the gal and boy were childhood friends and in another one a long time married couple of about 16 years decided to get out of their wedlock.....i.e

                                                                                     This stories are not new,but teaches many things-

  • relations  are not dependent on duration of time u spend with your partner,it depends on how better u trust and understand someone.
  • dont waste time and get married with your best friend if u love him/her.just gooooooooo....
  • kick the ass of ur partner if he/she judges u on the basis of money nd fame not your strong
  • human mind can think anything like what u r thinkin now....but dont let them ruin your feelings and relations.

This things we use to hear somewhere but never dare to follow them,just tell the world to whom u love and to whom u true to ur self.....dnt waste ur time just listen ur inner voice.....keep doing ityessmiley