Infineon Technologies Aktie – Eupec FZ400R12KE3 High Voltage IGBT IGBT for sale!


FZ400R12KE3 – a strong and high voltage IGBT Transistor Module that boosts the power of your high powered welding machines.


Lightweight yet full of strength, FZ400R12KE3 can attain as much as 400A/1200V at only 4.41lbs. Able to operate of up to 150 °C in temperature, welding machines can still function and maintain optimal performance even when used for a long period of time – a perfect solution for users who may need to sacrifice time and efficiency in order to allow the machine to rest.


Eupec Infineon FZ400R12KE3 also features modified switching attributes like decreased switching losses and soft recovery. It has pre-existing packages that provide great current capability. Best of all, it is UL certified and RoHS compliant, indicating total safety when used on welding machines.


Save time and money on your welding machines and improve productivity! Order your FZ400R12KE3 today at USComponent. True power is now at your fingertips!


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