Why Do We Celebrate Exciting Birthdays?

In addition to the clear response about why we enjoy exciting birthdays... have you ever stopped to think about this tradition?

Birthdays time way back ever to a-time when people originally feared evil spirits. These evil spirits were regarded as more active on the afternoon of one's birth. Friends and family would gather in a circle around the birthday individual and would chant and sing bringing them nothing but good ideas. The offering of gift suggestions was yet another to bring even more cheer and goodwill to defend against the evil spirits.

Noisemakers were also thought to have been used at these parties as still another way of scaring evil spirits away. Torches or candles would be lit assuming they were sending a prayer to the gods and it was thought the smoke carried these prayers or wishes in to the heavens, where they thought the gods lived once the candles were taken out, so they'd be granted.

Looking back through history the only reported birthdays recorded are of other respectable dignitaries and kings. The poorer people and specially young ones did not observe at all. As only nobility was rich enough to be able to manage such an extravagance as a party, historians have described this.

It is the Germans who've been given credit for beginning to celebrate childrens birthdays. These activities were originally called kinderfeste meaning childrens celebration.

A song called Good Morning To You written by Mildred and Patti in 1893 was almost entirely overlooked until the words were changed by some one to Happy Birthday To You. This little song is currently sung in nearly every home anywhere on the planet one or more times per year.

In todays society, fun birthdays are eagerly awaited by the young and older generation. It's a celebration that's now an event, not just experienced by members of the family but friends as-well.

Today parties generally have a layout connected. They could follow the lines of a character in history, a childrens comic or cartoon character, a picnic in the park or just a a trip to the zoo.

Giving gift ideas for the birthday girl or boy is still a history. But, in later years it's already been a history to provide a small gift recognized as party favors, to every party visitor while they leave. Browsing To freespirit certainly provides lessons you can give to your dad. They usually consist of a little gift and a couple of candies wrapped up in a bag or even a package that could have been used for the party itself. We learned about open in a new browser window by searching the Chicago Post.

So next time its your birthday, youll know why your honoring it!!!.