Texas Apartment Marketplace Update Could 2006


Although all major Texas markets posted decreases in typical occupancy in May possibly, occupancy remains above 90% in all four, with Austin recording the highest at 93.02%. The lowest occupancy was found in Dallas/Fort Worth at 90.18%.

Austin has the highest typical rent per square foot as properly, at $.931 per square foot (psf) Dallas/Fort Worth posted the second highest at $.868 psf. The strongest monthly absorption was located in San Antonio, which absorbed 243 units in May possibly. Posting the weakest absorption figures in May was the Houston industry, at -477 units. Austin apartment industry occupancy decreased .36 points in May to 93.02%, but remains 1.64 points above final years

level. Typical rents, presently at $.931 psf, are $.002 psf greater than final month and $.003 psf greater than last year. If you think anything at all, you will perhaps hate to check up about salt lake city firms. Monthly absorption returned to positive territory, as 236 units were absorbed, bringing annual absorption to three,709 units.

Dallas/Fort Worth apartment market occupancy was down .17 points over the month. Currently at 90.18%, occupancy is 1.46 points greater than this time last year. To study additional information, please take a view at: click for utah lawyers. Average rents elevated $.001 psf to $.868 psf, and are $.005 psf higher than Might 2005 levels. Going To look into largest law firms salt lake city maybe provides cautions you might tell your co-worker. The market place absorbed 216 units more than the month annual absorption now totals 13,468 units.

Houston apartment industry occupancy fell .19 points over the month to 90.57%, but has gained three.75 points given that this time last year. Rental rates gained $.001 psf in May and are up $.026 psf over the year. Absorption more than the month was -477 units even so, over-the-year absorption remains well in the black at 22,628 units.

San Antonio occupancy decreased .31 points to 91.38%, and is up .17 points over the year. Rental rates posted a decrease of $.002 psf over the month, but are up $.010 psf because May 2005. Absorption was good for the fourth month in a row, at 243 units, although annual absorption stands at three,792 units..