As a rule, in the interior of the terms "design and décor" are very important. Many of us are reviewing a huge number of magazines, television programs and other things in order to find the most fashionable accessories for your interior. We will not go into the intricacies of the design of apartments and discuss the basic items that can "kill" our interior.
1) Ceiling tiles. Of course, the material in the interior looks quite cheap. Just think, in our apartments and already there are many different chemicals. And we still make out the ceiling using ceiling tiles and think of what our luxurious interior with wallpaper not cheap, expensive drapes, spectacular statuettes and other does not look harmonious. Naturally, we do not understand that spoils us all kind of cheap plastic, located on top.
2) Also spoil ceiling, possibly using the same paint or wallpaper that come with a variety of phosphorescent particles. For example, a "starry sky" on the ceiling in the nursery.
3) Air Conditioning. Of course, if our capricious weather this thing in the house is a must. However, unless you have, for example, a vacuum cleaner in a prominent position? A boiler? Typically, air conditioning perfectly fit only in tehnointerer if would look like futuristic steel structure. Remember that any classical interior or in the baroque the subject simply inappropriate. Because if it is to hang it in a prominent place, he will spoil the interior. Thus, the air conditioner need to hide.
4) Fretwork. If you purchased the estate or the same apartment is in an old house, then re-creation of stucco in the interior is a sacred duty. If it is a simple apartment where stucco has never been, it there and should not be used as a decoration. Of course, by itself, this material is considered to be good, but the stucco requires special attention, as well as a certain frame. If this is not present, this looks very shabby decor. Also, it is a cheap imitation plastic moldings and remains so even if you have it painted. Do not forget that the use of stucco in the interior need when you are without it can not do.
5) The huge chandelier in an apartment that comes with low ceilings. These lamps may be seen in many old homes, where they live even our grandparents. Guests are required to walk in circles around the house, because the chandelier hanging very low and immediately catches the hair that is quite unpleasant.
6) Decor on a particular sample. So, for some it is a fashion magazine, but for others - the neighbor's repair. As a rule, to draw ideas, rethink - it's very good, but do not copy "exactly in exactly."
Summing up, I want to note that you need to think well before an important purchase that from which it was created, and whether you need it? If you doubt the sustainability and the need in the interior of the object or material, feel free to refuse to purchase. There is always an opportunity to complement the interior and remove ...