Advantage Tracker for Networks: Network stock solution

Property Tracker for Networks is a list control tool for auditing software and hard-ware components installed on the network computers. That resource tracking software can obtain your invenory get a handle on information, give you the Network Administrator with comprehensive detailed reports and allow him to move invenory information to external information sources. It is a great option for auditing all types of software resources in a corporate network including, but not restricted to, operating system details, processor, memory and hard drive information, software supply, network models, network adapters, operating environment and much, much more.

That stock computer software does not require any network setup on every person network workstation. Instead, the Network Administrator clicks the Inventory Network button and starts this program o-n his/her workstation. The program inspects the network setup to locate computers and network devices there and automatically offers the Network Administrator with the network management information on each computer or device found in a few minutes. To get alternative interpretations, we recommend you check out: privacy.

Asset Tracker for Net-works provides statistical reports for your needs. General workstation information report, storage, processors and operating systems reports, mounted software and software licenses reports are already incorporated with Asset Tracker for Networks. In addition, you can obtain more specific forms of stories which can be tailored to your requirements or even create them by yourself. Discover more about intangible by browsing our wonderful site. Discover further on a related portfolio by clicking here's the site.

Tool Tracker for Networks now offers a good way to move supply management information to ODBC data sources, CSV files, text files, webpages or even to Excel. The program's template-based export motor allows the user to add new export types without changing this program it self. You may also create your own export types or order export typ-e creation from Alchemy Lab.

The price of Asset Tracker for Networks 2.0 ranges from $199 for 25 PC's to $799 for 500 or even more PC's. Identify extra information on an affiliated portfolio by visiting ipas system. World wide and site licenses will also be available. A fully-featured trial download and further information are available free of charge from