California drug and alcohol rehab helps people get their life back on track - Chicago Personal Finance

Drug and alcohol addiction can take a toll not only on your physical and mental health, but also on your family, career, finances, and more. Southern California offers a wide range of drug and alcohol treatment facilities to help clients overcome their addiction and establish healthier routines to support ongoing sobriety.

Treatment programs vary from center to center and clients can find services to meet their specific needs, type of addiction, and personal preferences. For instance, some rehab centers focus on 12-step programs while others offer a variety of approaches including alternatives to 12-step models. According to Chapters Capistrano, a drug and alcohol rehab center in San Orange County, California, clients should aim to find a program that addresses their comprehensive needs and where they feel comfortable with the approach to care. There are many benefits to a tailored treatment plan:

One of the most noticeable benefits of addiction recovery is the impact that it has on health. Drugs and alcohol use can lead to weight gain, liver or kidney damage, malnutrition, and increased risk of developing other health problems. By detoxing these substances from your body and focusing on proper nutrition and exercise, you slowly regain strength and enable your body to get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that it needs to thrive.

Substance misuse also affects mental health and changes the way the brain functions. While under the influence people often engage in riskier behavior, make poorer decisions, have difficulty with memory and concentration, and may experience mood swings or more aggressive or anxious behavior.

More Effective Coping Strategies

People often turn to drugs or alcohol as a way of coping with stress, loss, boredom, anxiety, or other emotional and challenging situations. Although it may make you feel better in the moment, it is only a temporary fix. Through addiction treatment, you can identify and resolve underlying issues and develop more effective ways of dealing with these situations. Through a combination of intensive counseling, meditation, yoga, exercise, nutrition, holistic treatment options, and support groups, you can create healthier routines that do not involve substance use.

While under the influence, many people say and do things they otherwise might not if sober. This change in behavior and personality can put a strain on relationships. Many treatment programs offer family therapy that can help you to work through problems that may have arisen and the impact of your substance use on those you love. This can be a starting point for rebuilding and growing together, creating stronger family bonds.

Rehab can also help you to recognize those relationships that may be a negative influence. In order to enhance recovery efforts, breaking away from harmful relationships that may entice you to use again is necessary. Instead you will learn ways to make new friends who support your recovery and are a positive influence. Getting involved in new activities can help you to find others who share similar interests.

Drug and alcohol rehab can be an effective way of putting your life back into perspective and focusing on improving the present and future. Chapters Capistrano supports clients along each step of the way and helps them to integrate back into society so that they can continue applying what they have learned and embrace a substance-free lifestyle. If you are ready to make a change and start a new chapter in your life, overcoming addiction is a great place to start and can have a multitude of benefits across many areas of your life.