Early Predictions for Interior Design Color Trends in 2015

Homeowners who want to get a head start on next year's remodeling or updating projects can find out what is expected to be hot in color for 2015. Expert designers are beginning to release their predictions for the coming year.


The 60s are back in style, according to some experts. Elle Décor released its predictions from top designers and that was one of the findings. Colors like orange and olive are coming back in style. Paired with hardwood flooring in Toronto and the GTA homes, it brings in warmth and coziness to a room. Decorators can expect to see more kitchens utilizing the olive shade to update the space.


Another trend that has been popular and continues to be is blue. For 2015, expect to see it in soft Mediterranean shades. Also, homeowners can expect to see it paired with green in fabrics and wall patterns. For those that like the lighter pastel colors, those too will be in style. This time around, the shades will be muted and feature purple, green, blue and pink.


Even neutrals have changed with grey being the top choice. This is good news for those that want a change but not too drastic. The move is toward warm tones, making the home a great place to relax and unwind or hang out and play. Grey is also being seen in hardwood flooring in Toronto and the GTA home trends. It is often combined with extra-long and wide planks.


When looking at design trends, homeowners must be careful in how they adapt them to their own homes. It is often advised to choose trendy looks on things that can easily be changed out, such as wall color and accent pieces. Items like flooring or expensive furniture should be kept neutral so that they will not appear dated in a few years. Especially in the case of flooring, it can be quite expensive to change every time a trend change occurs.

"Hardwood flooring is more than just part of a design choice," says Ron Ander. "It is a long-term investment meant to add value to your home."


Hardwood floors add beauty to a home, but they also appeal to many buyers because of their durability. They are also easy to care for, making them the flooring of choice for many people.


When considering updates to a home, homeowners should think about if and when they plan to sell. They should not make drastic changes to the design of a home that they plan to sell within a few years unless those changes do add value. The best advice for homeowners who want a new look is to stick with items that are easily changed back or removable such as draperies and accessories. This will ensure that their time and money aren't wasted but instead focused on things that really matter such as flooring choices. At the same time, they can have a home that they love and enjoy spending time in.


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