The technique of shaving

 Many men FX3000 have a wrong understanding, think that the closest shave beard, the more the better, little imagine, this kind of behavior caused "razor bumps," because only a very short beard again to drill to go back to the skin, the beard, the more clean, the short beard growth, the easier it is to skin cause unbearable pain.
   So-called razor bumps, it is because before leaving hair follicles in the hair shaft and wear into the skin, or after leaving the hair follicle to enter the close to the skin, the resulting inflammatory stimulation and cause very painful lump.
Can properly tighten skin, when men shaving razor that can reduce the running resistance, prevent touch broken skin.Understanding the texture to the beard, depending on the facial hair growth direction, down from left to right, from top to bottom, first along the pore, inverse pore shaving order again, let the shaving cream had more time soft short must be the hardest part.FX3000 along the texture shaving to reduce skin redness, pain.