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Seattle Cop punches punches pregnant Balenciaga Bags Outlet teenager

In Seattle, Police take their jay walkers seriously, even resulting in punching a woman in the face. These Seattle folks apparently, felt they shouldn have to deal with a ticket and arguing with the officer was a better option. Maybe, that the officer would see the error of his ways and let them go. Well, that wasn happening.

So what gives here. There isn any video, save for in the officers cruiser, to share what led up to the woman being arrested, so its unclear how it all started. However, in the video from Seattle King 5, we do see one woman resisting arrest and another trying to interfere with the arrest. Turns out the woman that got punched, was a 17 year old pregnant woman.

Both were eventually arrested, but not before a large group had assembled and video was taken of the event. This event comes on the heels of a man in Seattle being stomped in the face and leg, by an officer who yelled racial slang, threats, and his use of excessive force. As it turns out, that man wasn even involved in the crime he was accused of.