Nuban typical crafts plus presents

The craft forms in old Nubia are divided up into three types: practical, creative, and symbolic. The utilitarian arts provided the making of plate designs, mats, fans, and jars out of material out there in the surroundings, such as straw and clay. Women exercised

this art form. Brilliant colors distinguished the Nubian shape from different Egyptian or Sudanese plate designs or containers.

After moving, this art work form vanished because the industrialization made the replacement utensils obtainable in the market. The ornamental art integrated primarily bead necklaces and bracelets. Grooms and brides used these ornaments to embellish themselves. Since resettlement, modern day decorative jewelry, including silver and gold, has substituted these items. Women usually made the bead necklaces, and today a business version of these necklaces is available in the marketplace. The representational arts included wall and door decorating. Relief decoration was usual of Nubian houses. Symbols of animals were made to shield houses from the unpleasant eye. After resettlement, relief adornments were substituted by painting. Most paintings have religious motifs, and quite a few of the style signify that someone in the house lately finalized the holy duty of pilgrimage to Mecca.

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