Consinee 2016 SS collection- Bring Inspiration to Fashion Design


With the coming of spring summer, Consinee develops a series of high quality yarn for spring summer fashion design. Cotton, silk and wool, as the classic and traditional natural fiber, is blend spun perfectly with “diamond fiber” cashmere in 2016 SS collection.


Cotton cashmere is popular match in spring summer. Cotton is the most important and mostly widely used natural fiber in the world. Blooming cotton flower is just like cloud, soft and light, bring you love and care. Common and ordinary as it is, cotton can also convey classic, fashion, luxury feel after advanced spinning craft.



In Consinee 2016 SS collection, Item POOLE, which is NM2/36 90%Cotton10% Superfine Wool(Semi-Worsted)yarn, is an economical and popular item, which features excellent hygroscopicity and breathability. It is suitable for spring summer T-shirt, cardigan, or other knitwear. Item PADSTOW (nm2/48 60%Cotton 20%Viscose 15%Nylon 5%Cashmere Semi-Worsted) is also a hot one. Cashmere brings it soft and comfortable hand feel while viscose and nylon neutralize and improve the performance of natural fiber. Moreover it is also cheap in price. Item BRIGHTON (nm2/48 85%Cotton15%Cashmere Semi-Worsted) has 28 colors in stock service with MOQ 1kg/color. Multi-color can satisfy different requirement of customers. In this composition we also hold stock service for count nm2/28 item HOVE. We also have other composition ratio like SANDBANKS-nm 2/48 70%Cotton 30%Cashmere(Semi-Worsted)and cashmere silk cotton like LEWES-nm 2/48 70% Cotton 20% Silk 10% Cashmere(Semi-Worsted)for your choice.