Global LED lighting market analysis and trend forecasting

LED lamps have showed attractive market outlook in past year. The global market for general lighting is $ 59.5 billion last year, of which, LED lighting accounts for one-third which is an amazing feat. LED light supplier china will get high profits from the supply of various LED lights.


Now we can sit down and have an analysis of global LED lighting market and the trend forecasting. LED lighting's efficiency will also increase over time. Expected bill of materials, such as thermal management components, optical, LED packaging unit price will be reduced over time. LED lamps' average sales prices will further increase its market penetration. In addition, LED lamps can be integrated or non-integrated light source to rely on. Non-integrated solutions can remove and replace the lamp with a lamp / tube; integrated modules may have to replace the lamp bulb/tube. Under this situation, it is a nice choice to buy LED lights from T8 LED tube light suppliers. What’s more, Some LED lamps shape seems to have a good traction. LED down light product has gained credibility in the market. If the thermal power consumption, save energy and maintenance costs taken into account, their return application period is usually one to two years. LED troffers after long-term use of light quality consistency issues, they still need to be overcome, however, due to the decline in average selling price, LED lighting fixtures to meet and exceed the requirements of lumen output and light quality aspects, we look forward to once again LED lighting penetration increased rate.


With the good momentum, we should not supply some common LED lights for customers. For example, some customers will say I buy LED flexible light strip from the supplier. We can let them say they have bought various LED lights from us.