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Women's beauty diet could be at different ages for the purpose of different situations, then how to distinguish from the different age groups in the consumption of different foods, to achieve how?

15 to 25 years through this period is the women's menstrual cramps, genital expansion and maturation period, aided by the development of ovaries not to mention hormone production, sebaceous gland secretions raises, therefore, in order to help with making the skin smooth not to mention rosy and elastic, it again must absorb adequate required protein amounts, fatty acids and nutrients, such as cabbage, chives, bean sprouts, lean meat, beans or anything else.

Also, pay attention to take less salt, drink quite a lot of water. This will help prevent dry skin, and can increase urine for helping lipid metabolism and help reduce facial leaking oil.

25 to 30 years old right this moment, now women will step by step appear wrinkles, reduce the secretion of this skin's oil glands, face of less glossy, harsh sense of enhancement. So in relation to diet, in addition to demand eating light food, water supply of good diet, to take especially rich in health food C and vitamin S foods, such as shepherd's back pack, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, mushrooms, milk or anything else.

30 to 40 years old right this moment the female endocrine not to mention ovarian function gradually weakened, easy to dry face, eye end began towards crow's feet, jaw muscles learn to relax, laugh lines further obvious, it is mainly no water and vitamins the body's sake. Therefore, this period should remember drink plenty of the water, the best morning subsequent to drinking a cup (200 towards 300 ml) of chilled water. In addition to adhere to the diet eat vitamin-rich fresh veggies, but also pay attention to supplement rich in k9 protein collagen can partake of trotters, pork skin, perch, lean meat and so on.

40 to 50-year-old a lot of women entering menopause, ovarian deterioration, anterior pituitary function of this moment hyperthyroidism, resulting through autonomic dysfunction and comfortably excited or depressed, more likely to dark halo eyelids, arid skin and less vibrant. Remedy in the diet is almost always to eat some can improve cholesterol excretion, nourishing the vitality and blood, anti-aging alternative to boot skin food, such for the reason that corn, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, lemon, walnuts, and rich in vitamin e, cabbage, cauliflower, peanut petroleum, etc.

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