What Makes your Content Sharable?



Compelling and interesting content is the backbone of SEO. People love to read information that addresses their pain. If they find such interesting content, they share it.


Social media isn’t just “Likes” or follows rather, the holy grail of social media is shares and retweets. A share or re-tweet lets you get exposed to even more people. This is the reason why a good SEO Marketing Company will always stress on creative content to raise your rank.


According to a recent Pew Research Centre’s Internet & American Life Project study “The average Facebook user in the survey has 245 friends, and their average friend has 359 friends. We also know that the friend of a friend is usually a friend too, but only 12 percent of all possible connections between Facebook friends are present. The survey would lead us to believe the average user can reach 31,170 people through friends of friends.”


So, won’t you love to create content that people will share among these huge connections? Here are 6 tips for to make your content more sharable:


1.      Make It Helpful

People love to be seen as a resource for their friends. They love to have tips and information that will help them and they pass it along to their own networks.


2.      Create a Connection

Post content that will get people to form a more personal connection with your business or organization.

“Authentic stories help powerful brands make deep connections with customers. But that high-level principle creates real-world challenges for content marketers. What is a powerful story and how do you tell it? I’d like to share four tips on how to tell stories that make connections and get results.” contentmarketinginstitute

3.      A big NO to Boring Content:

People love to smile and laugh while reading. They like to read interesting and unique content pieces rather than boring content. Add a pinch of humour to your writing and you’ll see your content spreads more easily.


4.      Get people Talking

The goal of ‘social media’ is to get people engage and interact. So, why not get people to share your content by asking questions. Asking queries or quizzes triggers people to reply, comment on your Page or answer your question. This amplifies the chance that a tweeted reply will be seen by lots of other people.


5.      Provide An Incentive

If your content is a special deal, ask people to share it with their social networks adding an additional discount or gift certificate.


6.      Ask People To Share:

Sometimes, people need to be told what to do. Subtly tell your fans to share your content. For example: “Share this if you agree.”


Why Hire An SEO Marketing Company?

For any small business, the biggest driver of new business is always word of mouth referrals. However, in the world of social media, sharing is the word of mouth enabled through technology. Hence, hire a good SEO Marketing company that always focuses on writing and sharing relevant and unique content.