----how to get support from wallinside.com---

we think that it may be possible that wallinside.com may provide very good tools to open a blog.but it may has very little or  no benefits to others it do not guide and support who has created a blog with wallinside. bloggers have very well organised system of help to provide inspite of that they also may not provide email facility to bloggers. but it can serve many purpose as we can get the guidance from writing in google search and get many things available for help. but in wallinside.com we can not get any support,help and guidance from any where. it is difficult for those who can create, write and upload articles but due to having a little knowledge of the computer operations they can not get any benefits from the blogs created with wallinside.com. they have a wallinside account in the face book. but we think that wallinside may try to give any reply there if any one submit there problems there. it looks that there may be no place lelf where any one can get some thing for their problems. over all it may have a very big  bad effect on the wallinside.com it self.we do not know that who is responsible for that and why these things are happening. we also do not know who is compitent to stop these things so that wallinside .com can be more benefial to every one. we think that the wallinside .com campetent authourity shouls have to view the others problems to gain more and more success to wallinside.com