finally moved on

“I have eventually got over you and moved on from you. You no longer have any control over me and I genuinely feel so much better now, knowing that you’re no longer a big part of my life. You’re no longer the reason for my smile, my happiness and not even my tears. So I would just like to say a big fuck you because not only have you lost me forever, but I have walked away for real this time and I won’t be looking back. From now on, its onward and upwards. You lost a girl who was there for you no matter what, who put up with all your fucking shit and drama, who forgave you for every single bad thing you did to her, but most of all you have lost someone who loved and cared for you in a way nobody else will and who would of giving you the entire world. When I look at you my eyes no longer light up at the sight of you and my belly no longer has butterflies fluttering around, only an empty feeling. I can finally say "i’m fine" and truly mean it.”