Piles Treatment

Piles Treatment

 Piles are humps develop inside and around anus & anal canal. Piles symptoms range from temporary, permanent, and painful. Maximum cases, swelling are small and piles symptoms settle down without treatment. Anal canal is last part of large intestine with opening to outside, usually referred as anus, fecal passage. Within lining canal consists of small blood vessels network. Sometimes vessels become wider and engorged with more blood & form into one or more small swellings called piles or hemorrhoids.

Types of hemorrhoids
  • Internal hemorrhoids
    Humps formed above 2-3 cm inside anus in upper part of anal canal, usually painless because absence of pain nerve fibers.
  • External hemorrhoids
    Swelled pimples formed outside lower part of anal canal or anus, usually painful because presence of pain nerve fibers.

Plies Causes for both internal & external hemorrhoids are common. Few piles causes mentioned below.

Piles Causes

Constipation is common piles causes. Pressure effects of baby lying above rectum & anus is prime piles causes during pregnancy. It’s common in pregnant women because of hormonal change. Ageing is main factor count as piles causes. Tissues in anus lining become less supportive. Hereditary factors also main piles causes. Obesity & diarrhea is chief piles causes. Previous rectal surgery or bad body posture also act as piles causes. Piles symptoms vary person to person. Presented page described some piles symptoms.

Piles Symptoms

Piles Symptoms can vary. It means absence of piles symptoms does not guaranteed absence of hemorrhoids. Most common piles symptoms include bleeding during stools passage. Blood is usually bright red in toilet pan or coating stools. Humps feels hang down outside anus also considered piles symptoms. Often, can be pushed back up after toilet. Commonly prolapsed is permanent. Large pimples outside or inside anus are painful. Act well known piles symptoms when start discharging mucous, cause irritation & itching. Sense of fullness in anus during stool discharge can count piles symptoms. Permanent piles symptoms which need medication is intense pain if blood supply to humps cut off. Pain usually peaks after 48-72 hours, and then gradually goes away over 7-10 days.

Piles Treatment

Hashmi Mart develops extraordinary natural product for piles treatment named Pilesole capsules. This piles treatment is completely safe, natural & effective on both internal and external hemorrhoids. The unique formulation of piles treatment has astringent properties & tones vascular lining & elasticity of anus canal. Hashmi developed piles treatment improve digestive system, constipation. Our natural piles treatment medically cures external & internal swelling and prevents reoccurrence. Piles treatment provides by our pharmacy is best considered alternative way to cure problem.

Piles Treatment benefits
  • Repair damage tissue in anal canal
  • Shrinks pile masses
  • Relives painful, inflamed bleeding during stool passage
  • Remove blood supply from hemorrhoids without side effects
  • Stops itching, swelling, burning sensation
  • No surgery required with provided piles treatment.
  • 100% natural & effective